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Oxfam Trail Walker - 100 KM race

Oxfam Trail Walker - 100 KM race

This year, two Dutch CWS teams (including several Dutch Chamber members) will participate in the Oxfam Trail Walker, a 100 km endurance race on the Maclehose trail in Hong Kong. On the morning of Friday, the 17th of November 2017, Derk van den Heuvel, Freark Bruinsma, Floris Wesseling, Eric de Kruif, Michiel van Voorst, Hamish Ross, Lars van Beelen, Manó Markovits and Lodewijk Meens, will set out to race the 100 km as two CWS teams, scaling Hong Kong’s toughest and highest mountains. Whilst the race allows for the teams to complete the 100 km MacLehose Trail in 48 hours, both CWS teams are aiming to complete the race within 24 hours.

Oxfam Trailwalker

The Oxfam Trailwalker ( is one of the largest fundraising sporting events in Hong Kong. Since 1986, more than 77,000 participants have raised over HKD393 million (EUR46 million) to support Oxfam's various poverty alleviation and emergency relief projects in Africa and Asia, including Hong Kong and mainland China.



Besides supporting Oxfam through their participation in the race, Team CWS is raising funds for the charity ‘Child Welfare Scheme' (CWS) in Nepal, similar to the previous two years. CWS ( is dedicated to supporting and empowering disadvantaged and vulnerable children, young people and women in Nepal through projects that focus on protection, education, health care and opportunities. The aim is to empower children and communities to create a brighter future for themselves.



The Dutch CWS team raised over HK$ 200,000 (€22,000) in the past two years. Generous donations contributed to the improvement of the Primary School infrastructure and Play and Sports Materials for 6 primary schools, refresher training for 10 Primary School teachers, and Book Corners for 12 Primary Schools.  This year, their goal is to raise at least HKD 200,000 (22,000 Euro) to further improve the infrastructure of 3 Primary Schools and build Book Corners for 12 Primary Schools



Donations can be made via the site


They appreciate any kind of financial support. Any donation, large or small, goes a long way in Nepal. They hope you can support us to get through the 100 km race, for the benefit of less privileged children, through the excellent work of both Oxfam and CWS. 


They are grateful for your support and invite you to become a sponsor of their team. They have had months of preparation and are determined to cross the finishing line within 24 hours! It is an amazing challenge, and your invaluable support will help them through the long race. Recent training sessions and the race progress can be followed on their Facebook page


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