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Member news: May Yeung - #. Sculpture

# .
May Yeung
“# .” examines the rise of Marcel Heijnen’s #hkmarketcats and other instagrammers that is driven by the dichotomy between the popularity of social media and the nostalgia of intimate interactions. Be it a trending topic, a contextual cue, a brand and event promotion, # is now popularly used in Twitter and Instagram. With the transition from traditional paper-based media to social media, our way of communication has changed from monologic to dialogic transmission method.
This transformation empowers the masses, but it creates illusion – hide the ugly, hinder justice and harm people surrounding us. Therefore, May Yeung’s “# .” reminds us that the most crucial element of communication is hearing what is not said. We can choose to use words, humanity’s most powerful force, to help and heal. As “# .” attracts and connects people, this public installation serves as a glue that holds relationships. By painting the sculpture over many times to capture the passage of time and wrapping it in white fabric, May reminds us to embrace the present and treasure every moment we spend with others.
Let social media become the town square for tomorrow’s global village, serving as an aid to preserve our history and traditions. Let art unite us, overcoming our differences in the quest for a better tomorrow.
The sculpture was previously shown at Yu Lok Lane, an Urban Renewal Authority Project, and Jouer, a lifestyle cafe.


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