Catching Up with Maarten van der Dussen

Maarten van der Dussen

This edition of Catching Up is with Maarten van der Dussen, founder and owner of ProductIP.

Dear Maarten, for those not familiar with ProductIP, could you describe what your company does?
ProductIP supports retail, trading and manufacturing companies by providing the necessary knowledge that products in the European market need to comply with. ProductIP is a SaaS solution also enabling transparency in the supply chain and responsible buying. We convert complex legislation into understandable language.

What are the advantages of being based in Hong Kong for ProductIP?
Hong Kong for us is the legal base from which we operate in China, as well as a source for recruiting additional staff.

What are the current trends in your field DutchCham members should be aware of?
Currently there is a tsunami in new legislation originating from Brussels. At the same time we see national, deviating legislation pop up frequently that is potentially hindering free trade within Europe.

From your perspective, how do you see the development of trade/sourcing from China to Europe?
We see several movements to establish second sources outside China to become more independent from China production only. However this still seems limited.

Would you like to know more? ProductIP, DutchCham HK and the NHKBA are hosting a Networking and Knowledge Session on April 12th from 6pm, at the Regala Skycity Hotel (next to Asia WorldExpo). See here for more info: link.

Plus: visit ProductIP at the Global Sources Consumer Electronics show to see firsthand how their digital product and supply chain compliance solution empowers industry leaders. April 11-14, 2024, BOOTH 8F06.