At a glance

Dutch Chamber at a Glance

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce, founded in 1991, is an independent international business association, representing Dutch or Dutch-related companies of all sizes and individuals that have a stake in developing trade in, with, or through Hong Kong.  It is a member-driven, non-profit, non-governmental organisation of business people, and sustains itself through membership subscriptions, advertisements and events. 

The Chamber has over 140 companies as member ranging from global market leading multinationals, SMEs and startups.


Representation and Advocacy

The Dutch Chamber participates in the International Business Committee, chaired by the Chief Secretary of HKSAR. This unique Committee provides four times a year a ‘face to face’ forum between the Government, representatives from international chambers of commerce and the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce on matters affecting the business environment and perceptions of Hong Kong.  Furthermore the Dutch Chamber is also a member of the European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, comprised of the 15 European Chambers based in Hong Kong and 1 in Macau. 


Networking and Connections

The Dutch Chamber’s dynamic platform serves to facilitate business in Hong Kong, Greater China and Asia-Pacific region for its members by providing networking, knowledge sharing and company profiling opportunities. The Chamber is also an active member of InterCham, the informal association of international chambers in Hong Kong, InterSME and InterWomen committee.



The Dutch Chamber publishes an annual business directory with all members details as well as an online annually updated guide on how to set-up a business in Hong Kong.