Catching-up with Philip Kwan (Danone Nutricia)

Philip Kwan

1. Could you provide quick introduction of yourself?

My name is Philip Kwan, member of the DutchCham China Committee and Head of Legal, Regulatory & Corporate Affairs at Danone Nutricia. I was born in Hong Kong and also completed my studies here. Now working at Danone Nutricia for around 8 years. The main themes in my position are: managing compliance standards (e.g. for food safety) and maximising business opportunities from the perspective of regulatory framework. This also involves active engagement with our stakeholders, such as relevant authorities, retailers and cross-border e-commerce platforms. 

2. What are the activities of Nutricia Danone in Hong Kong?
Danone Nutricia has a big portfolio of products in Greater China, including in Hong Kong. We of course have the product range of infant formula [i.e. milk powder for babies, red.], but we also market water (Avian) and advanced medical nutrition. The company has been active for around 15 years with these products in the region.

3. Which trends to you currently see in the infant formula market?
The requirements from regulatory authorities in Greater China have tightened; we should comply to higher standards. The products and production processes should be more advanced than before. Another trend is regarding consumer expectations. In today’s information society, consumers are much smarter than every before. Information about products can be found everywhere - including video’s from bloggers and key opinion leaders (KOL). To remain competitive, we need to include the latest innovations in our products. Health is also in Greater China a very important topic, which aligns nice with our company mission: “Bringing health through food to as many people as possible”.

4. What makes joining the China Committee valuable for you?
First of all, through connecting with the different members of the committee. To exchange ideas and perspectives on China. Since we all come from different industries, this often leads to a more nuanced and better picture of the economic circumstances. I believe the sharing of insights, of what is really happening on the ground, results in an improved understanding of doing business in China. Finally, the insights allow us the reflect on Hong Kong: what is its uniqueness and the value of doing business from here?

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